Special Thanks

The following companies and organizations were instrumental in helping bring this years Connecticut SWAT Challenge to fruition. They have generously donated their resources, personnel and facilities in order to support our event. We offer our deepest thanks to all of them for their selfless contributions. Without their help we would not be able to provide the best SWAT training event in the Northeast. Many Special thanks to…

METACON GUN CLUB: For the 5th year, Metacon donated their range and range house for our firearms events. Their ongoing support of law enforcement was in full view as they again came through for us in this years Challenge. Metacon Gun Club has allowed us to use their range, their property and their club to help train this countries SWAT Operators, Police, Military and Correctons units. The FBI and DEA also benefitted from Metacon’s generosity and simply stated, without the Metacon Gun Club, there is NO Connecticut SWAT Challenge. Thank you simply isn’t enough for all they’ve done for us but suffice it to say that town after town, city after city and Officer after Officer is safer and better trained to do their jobs in protecting the citizens of this great land thanks to Metacon.

WEST HARTFORD POLICE OFFICERS ASSOCIATION: Donated all of the gorgeous trophies and plaques that were given to the event winners. This is the 5th straight year the WHPOA has provided these donations. We thank the general membership of the WHPOA for their generosity in supporting our brothers and sisters in blue!

WEST HARTFORD FRATERNAL ORDER OF POLICE LODGE #27 AND THE STATE FOP: They stepped up and provided, as well as cooked, food for the participants which numbered about 3000 lunch servings FREE OF CHARGE for competitors, sponsors and vendors.

CT STATE POLICE FIRING RANGE: The CSP range was again used to host a variety of shooting events. Their staff was top notch as well and the smooth operation of this competition was due in no small part to their assistance. Thanks!

WESTHILL AUTO: WestHill graciously transported large equipment to and from a number of locations and without their help the best tactical event in the country, would not have been possible.

MDC: For the 5th year, MDC has allowed the CSC to host the PT Challenge at their reservoir site on Farmington Avenue. MDC is and always has been, a huge supporter of the CSC and we continue to cherish our association with them. Their help has allowed us to train the SWAT, Military and Corrections Officers to the highest degree. We owe a debt of gratitude to the MDC. THANKS!

SIMSBURY RADIO CONTROL CLUB: We were fortunate and thankful to the Simsbury RCC as they allowed us to make the most important change needed, which was a centralized venue. Their beautiful grounds were the HQ for our event and we are indebted to their support and generosity!

COUNTRY DINER: Top notch food provided at the Awards Ceremony. Not only was the food and service exceptional, but there was enough for a small army. Tremendous job particularly considering there were 600 hungry SWAT Operators!