Day 1 – Monday 08/22/2016
0700-1900 Z-Medica Tactical Combat Casualty Care Course / Train the Trainer
1200-1400 Team Tent Set-Up (Optional)
1400-1600 Sponsor/Vendor Check-In @ HQ Tent (Optional)
1800-2100 TROY INDUSTRIES SWAT Challenge Kickoff @ Avon Old Farms
* the mixer is NOT Mandatory but it’s a great nighttime event!

Day 2 – Tuesday 08/23/2016
0600-0900 Sponsor/Vendor Check-In and Set-up @ HQ Tent
0700-0930 Registration for Open Shoots – 1st Come / 1st Serve @ HQ Tent Top Cop Check-In
0800-1600 Vendor Show Day 1
0800-1100 Open Rifle and Open Handgun Shoots
0800-1200 Top Cop Competition
1000-1100 Team Commander Check In at HQ Tent (Mandatory)
1100-1200 LUNCH (On Site-F.O.P. Tent)
1200-1300 Team Commander Safety Briefing-@ Metacon INDOOR Range house (Mandatory)
1200-1430 Top Sniper – CSP Rear Range
1300-1500 Required Team Safety Familiarization Stations @ CSP Pistol Range (Mandatory)
1730-2100 Lenco Meet & Greet Dinner (at Avon Old Farms Hotel) (Mandatory)

Day 3 – Wednesday 08/24/2016
0630-0700 Team Arrival and Sign in @ HQ Tent (Mandatory)
0720-0800 Opening Ceremonies (Mandatory)
0800-1700 Vendor Show Day 2
0815-1200 Event #1-CSP Rear Range
0815-1200 Event #2- Metacon Range
1200-1300 LUNCH-(On Site F.O.P. lunch tent)
1300-1630 Event #3 – CSP Rear Range
1300-1630 Event #4 – Metacon Range
1630-1730 TBA
1730-End SWAT Social BBQ @ Avon Old Farms Hotel (Must be pre-registered)(Mandatory)

Day 4 – Thursday 08/25/2016
0700-0730 Team Arrival and Sign in @ HQ Tent (Mandatory)
0800-1100 Vendor Show Day 3 (Optional Teams leave @ 1130)
0800-1130 Event #6– CSP Rear Range
1130-1200 Travel to PT Site (MDC Reservoir #6)
1215- 1245 Captain’s Safety Meeting – PT Site (Mandatory)
1300-1645 PT Challenge
1730-2030 Championship Dinner (West Hartford Town Hall)
1730-2030 STAG ARMS & DIAMONDHEAD CSC Championship Awards Ceremony (Mandatory)

Additional Information

  • Food will be located in the center HQ venue. Competitors and Vendors/Sponsors are free, all others are $5. Proceeds to benefit the Fraternal Order Of Police.
  • Ear protection is free and can be obtained at HQ tent.
  • All bags and backpacks and carried items are subject to search by event Cadre.
  • All merchandise for sale can be located at HQ tent.
  • The Metacon Gun Club and any of their representatives reserve the right to have any personnel removed from their property, as does the Connecticut State Police Range Cadre.
  • The venues are open to the public from 730am-5pm Tuesday Aug 23-Wed Aug 24. Thursday hours are from 8am to 12pm.
  • Thursday PT Challenge is at the MDC Reservoir 1 at 1442 Farmington Avenue, West Hartford. It starts at 1pm and is open to the public.
  • There is no vehicle travel to any of the ranges. Walking only.
  • NORTH RANGE-Connecticut State Police range SOUTH RANGE: Metacon Gun Club located just east of the paved parking lot at the south end of the main venue.
  • Any questions or concerns should be directed to Event Director LT. Jeremy Clark or his designated representative.