Tactical Emergency Casualty Care Registration

Tactical Emergency Casualty Care – “Train the Trainer”:

The 2015 Connecticut SWAT Challenge is excited to open up registration for our TECC Train the Trainer course, which we are proud to update and improve every single year. This years TECC will be a two day class and practical with scenarios, hands on training and instruction from some of the best of the best in the tactical and medical community.

You will be taught by a former Navy SEAL, who is also a PA, an ER Doctor who is cross trained as a SWAT qualified operator, a tactical medic who is an EMT-I as well as a cadre of first rate SWAT/ESU Tactical Medics looking to make sure the first responders and military serving this nation are prepared for all Tactical Medical Emergencies.

Dont miss this class! And you can bring all the knowledge back to your agency and save lives when it matters most.

The cost is a ridiculously low $100 for the two days and is sponsored by our wonderful friends and industry gold standard bearer, Z-Medica

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