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Lt Jeremy Clark, Event Director or 860-543-2474

Lt Chris Chappell, Deputy Director/Sponsor-Vendor Coordinator or 860-883-9368


  1. Mark A Pagan says:

    Hello I will like to know if you guys have the final times for the Top Cop 2014 and the date for the Next Top Cop.
    Mark A Pagan

  2. id like to know where and when fore next year please

  3. Bradley Noone says:

    I would really like to see the results from the open rifle and open pistol shoots. Thanks guys! and again great job!!

  4. I was wondering is this event open to spectators? I am a retired firefighter and avid photographer,Who in the past has enjoyed watching and photographing the Police K-9 Olympics.I would love to watch New England’s finest in action.

  5. As always, WHPD did an great job putting together one of the toughest challenges there is, well done boys. Do you know if the group shot taken at the end of the PT course will be posted on this site, or anywhere?? I never saw last years either!! Either way, see ya next year!

  6. Could you post the results for open Rifle and Pistol?

  7. Anyone know what the specs were on the m4 rifle & scope that was used in the open rifle shoot ? I would be interested in buying it, it was awsome.

  8. When will you be posting the 2011 overall results?

  9. I am truly a fan of s.w.a.t I would like to get an invite next year. could someone please contact me early next year and notify me of the exact dates.

  10. I need the 2011 show Schedule please. The 2010 schedule is still on the web site.
    Thank you!
    Sharon Dimmick
    Amchar Wholesale
    Marketing & Public Relations

  11. Re: Just wanted to add and give thanks.

    WSI-SRT Operator

    The view of the majority of the people in today’s society act like everything is alright and will be alright walking in the grocery store, going to work, and being at home. Well, I live free in a reality based world where anything can happen to anyone, anywhere, at any given time. Those people that think that everything will be alright, I have news for them; they can take that political correct, liberalistic, progressive state of mind and shove it where the sun don’t shine. Read a real book like Train to Win by Wes Doss, On Combat by Lt. Col. Dave Grossman, Glenn Beck’s Common Sense, The Art of War by Sun Tzu, and the King James Version Holy Bible. For you operators out there win daily with a superior attitude and a superior state of mind. No matter how bad politically correct policies are being enforced, we warriors are still our own. Be proficient in the mind, body, and soul. Be proficient in shooting and being an operator. “Train hard, win easy.” I love you brothers. “Strength and Honor.” Operator Ready?… Stand by…

  12. I have been a fan and have stopped by over the last 5 years. Last year, I was pleased to see that North Central Ct were winners (being from Avon). This year I missed getting over there to view the events – I have googled and cannot find the results of 2010 – where can I find the results? The website does not even post 2009. This is a Great event for the area!! I want to be able to talk about it…

  13. CMS Tim shaw says:

    To all the volunteers this year..THANK YOU.! All your hard work and dedication continues to keep this event as relevent as ever. Chapels comments about the Army being the only military unit aside, your personnel showed true professionalism and class throughout the event. As always, it was a great training experience that we hope your team and PD continues to support. Thanks again!!

    103d Security Forces Squadron

  14. It great to see such a successful event being held. You can count on us to particpate in your future Connecticute SWAT challanges. Be safe and keep up the good work.


    Steve Goodyear
    Vice President
    Farber Specialty Vehicles

  15. Just wanted to clarify re Thurs schedule — site shows W. Hartford as location, but someone told me today that it was changed to Barkhamstead. Which is correct?

    RESPONSE: Yes, all events are taking place in West Hartford.

  16. just wanted to ask if the west hartford police would let fans of the competion come and watch. This is the only competion that may be close to my area. I am truly a fan of SWAT and look up to every one of you.